So this Friday is the second Manchester TwitFaced event: a chance to meet those you follow on Twitter and have a drink or two. To promote this, the organisers have taken a bold step which I haven’t seen before by developing an app for the iPhone (not Android just yet) to make sure you make the most of the proceedings…

Free from the iTunes App Store, you can use it to read the latest tweets (using the hashtags #twitfaced and #twitfacedevents), view a gallery of photos from the December night (apparently it was a good one), request tunes for the famous DJ they have lined up to play, a camera for obvious reasons and finally a link to see who has registered for the event (and which of them you currently follow and don’t!). As you’d expect, everything’s integrated with Twitter so you can tweet and follow people straightaway.


You can thank the sponsors The E Word, Blueleaf, Funkademia, Appliances Online and Studio North also from the app of course!

Looking forward to getting over there, you’ll have to have registered to get in!
(Not many tickets remaining here)

Chris Marsh
Datacentre Tour Guide

28th March 2012 by

2 thoughts on “Talking about Apps…#TwitFaced”

  1. Comment by Josh

    28th March 2012

    One bold step.. one giant leap for appkind.

  2. Comment by chrismarsh

    28th March 2012

    Thanks for your comment Josh, I APPreciate it.

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