Payment methods

Please note that, as a forward-thinking and environmentally-aware company, Melbourne levies a processing fee for cheques received as payment.

Direct Debit

To set up a Direct Debit payment click here to view an online DD mandate. The form, when submitted, will be processed by Melbourne, so that all future invoices, and any current outstanding balance is taken by Direct Debit automatically on or around the 20th of the Month.

You will continue to be sent monthly rental invoices on the 1st of the month, and also a payment confirmation will be emailed to you approx five days before the Direct Debit is taken, confirming the amount to be taken.

pay for your melbourne hosting with a single credit card payment

Single card payment

To make a single payment by card, enter your account reference or invoice number, and the amount. The card payment will be securely taken and applied to your account.

Order Reference:
Amount to pay:

Recurring card payment

To set up a continuous authority to pay your invoices by debit or credit card, please enter your account reference below. This can be found on any invoice or statement, and should be the same as your support site username. You will be taken to a secure WorldPay page, where you can enter your card details.

Account Reference :

When the mandate is set up, you will receive an email from WorldPay with a username and password; you can use this to log in later if you need to amend card details or stop the payment.

Invoices raised on your account will be taken automatically on the 20th of the month. You will receive a confirmation email from WorldPay when each card payment is taken .

recurriing card payments
Setup a BACS payment to Melbourne

BACS or Standing Order

Please use the bank details shown below to pay by BACS or standing order. Use the invoice number or your account reference as the reference when making payments.

Account Name: Melbourne Server Hosting Limited
Sort Code:
Account Number: 10051264
IBAN: GB34 BOFS 8007 7410 0512 64

Please send us remittance advice by email to so we can expect your payment.

If you have any queries, please contact us on 0161 232 0001.


We accept any possible method of electronic payment method, and therefore find it unnecessary to send or receive cheques. They take time to clear, and they need to be sent in the post.

If you can’t pay by any of the automated methods listed above, and must send a cheque, please note that a cheque processing charge of £5 will be added to you account for any cheques received to cover the processing and lodging costs.

pay for melbourne hosting by cheque

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